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Maximize Your Home Sale Profit

“If you want top dollar for your home, you should price it high. You can always come down if you need to.”

Hands up if you’ve heard this. Or if you’ve heard people say:

“Just wait it out. You’ll eventually get the offer you want if you’re willing to wait.”

Or, my favorite:

“Zillow says my home is worth $ ________.”


Want to know the real talk?

What really matters when selling your home is having an agent who knows what they’re doing. And for sure, it doesn’t have to be us, but please, be done with pie-in-the-sky pricing and find a qualified, experienced agent who is selling homes right NOW in your neighborhood.

We remind every one of our sellers how hard they’ve worked and how much they deserve every dime out of their homes. To make that happen, we go over these three tips:

1) Prep it well. If you want top dollar, you’ve got to be willing to do some work upfront to get your home looking its best. Minor repairs, major decluttering, and fresh paint go a long way.

2) Price it well. The market has been all over the place recently, so it’s critical to pull as much data as possible when settling on a price. Too high? Buyers won’t bite. Too low? Sellers leave money on the table. I want my sellers to feel good about their listing price, but it’s gotta be backed by the data.

3) Promote it well. Starting with those listing photos. Your home’s first showing is online – and there’s no better way to set your home apart from the rest than with professional listing photos. It’s a small investment for a huge return.