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Real Estate Etiquette for Potential Home Buyers

The market is shifting to a buyers market.
Still plenty of time to buy just in time for the holidays!

Here are 5 Rules of Real Estate Etiquette:

Rule 1: See a house online you love? Don’t call the listing agent.
-Call your buyer’s agent. You won’t get a better deal by calling the listing agent, they represent the seller.

Rule 2: Don’t ask your agent to show you homes until you sign a buyer-broker agreement or verbally agreed they represent you.
-Have you ever asked yourself, “If a Realtor shows me a house, do I have to use them?” Here’s the thing: If you’re not ready to commit to your real estate agent, you’re not ready to get serious about buying a home.

Rule 3: Don’t make an offer without mortgage pre-approval
-A mortgage pre-approval is a letter from a lender saying it will provide you with financing to buy a home up to a certain loan amount. It makes everyone’s lives easier since it provides proof of how much home you can afford to buyers and agents—and that you can put your money where your mouth is with an offer. Without it, your offer is an empty promise.

Rule 4: Don’t be late to home showings—or bail entirely
-If you have an appointment with your agent to view a home, treat it like a priority. If you’re going to be late or can’t make it, call your agent and let him know.

Rule 5: Don’t pretend you’re ready to buy if you know you’re really not
-This one might sound like a no-brainer, but it’s such a big part of real estate etiquette it’s worth driving home!

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~Biondich Team